The Best Alternatives to Jenkins for Developers

1. GitLab

  • You can test your build in parallel, thereby reducing time.
  • It allows docker integration and helps in automating release and application delivery.
  • It provides better support.

2. Atlassian Bamboo

  • It provides seamless integration with JIRA, BitBucket, and Fisheye.
  • It is effortless to set up.

3. CircleCI

  • It splits tests among multiple containers, thereby reducing build time.
  • It provides SSH support so that users can access the Virtual Machine via SSH and run commands.
  • Very easy to maintain as it allows for automatic upgrades.

4. TeamCity

  • It provides integration with tools like Docker, JIRA, etc.
  • It offers well-defined APIs available for extension.

5. Travis CI

  • No project is merged before tests are passed successfully.
  • You can easily customize the build environment as per your requirements.

6. BuildMaster

  • Automated gates prevent the release of untested software.

7. Bitrise

  • It integrates with major third-party testing and deployment services.
  • It allows quick setup having service integration with a lot of services.

8. Spinnaker

  • It provides integrations to the major cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

9. UrbanCode

  • Drag and drop feature in the editor makes it convenient to use.
  • Increased frequency to deliver applications.

10. Buddy

  • It provides support for multiple languages.
  • One can customize the build and test environment as per requirements.


  • It provides plugins for pre-configured steps.
  • Every build is executed in an isolated container.
  • It provides auto-scaling with a single binary file.

12. AWS CodePipeline

  • It provides a workflow that can be configured as per your release stages.
  • It offers parallel execution, thereby increasing the workflow speed.

13. CruiseControl

  • You can build multiple projects on a single server.
  • Provides email and messaging notifications.

14. Integrity

  • It works fine with GitHub Repos, public and private.

15. Shippable

  • Secures your workflows with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

16. CodeShip

  • Easy to configure.
  • It provides support for headless browsers.

17. Buildkite

  • It provides chat support for quick resolutions.
  • It offers easy integration with tools like Slack, HipChat, etc.

18. GoCD

  • Easy to upgrade even when plugins are integrated.
  • It provides fast feedback.

19. Semaphore CI

  • It offers parallel testing for faster movement.
  • Debugging capabilities for quick resolutions.

20. Microtica

  • Reduce AWS costs for non-production environments

21. AppVeyor

  • It provides faster builds with virtual machines and pseudo access.
  • It integrates with any source control tool.

Wrapping up

With so many options, you can easily pick an alternative to Jenkins. However, while going for any of the Jenkins alternatives, you need to check how well they can be integrated into your QA workflow to fulfill your needs. Do you know tools like Jenkins and most of its alternatives can be integrated well with cross browser testing (CBT) tools like LambdaTest to ensure optimal user experience across all browsers and browser versions? Well, now, you do!



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