Browser Engines: The Crux Of Cross Browser Compatibility

What Is A Browser Engine?

  1. Rendering Engine
  2. JavaScript Engine

How JavaScript & Rendering Engine Came Into The Picture?

How Do They Differ? Rendering Engine And JavaScript Engine

1. Rendering Engine

  1. Blink — Used in Google Chrome, and Opera browsers.
  2. WebKit — Used in Safari browsers.
  3. Gecko — Used in Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  4. Trident — Used in Internet Explorer browsers.
  5. EdgeHTML — Used in Edge browsers.
  6. Presto — Legacy rendering engine for Opera.

2. JavaScript Engine

  1. V8 — Used with Blink
  2. Nitro — Used with Webkit
  3. SpiderMonkey — Used with Gecko
  4. Chakra — Used with Trident & EdgeHTML

Why Should You Care About Browser Engines?

How Do Browser Rendering Engines Work?

  • The HTML elements are parsed and then converted into DOM nodes once after the formation of a content tree is ensued. Data styled in both internal and external CSS is also parsed and utilization of visual information along with styling indulges the formation of render tree.
  • Rectangles arranged with specific colours are manageably sorted inside the rendered tree.
  • After the creation of a rendered tree, a layout process is followed where nodes are defined by a precise set of coordinates, which leads them to be visualized on the user-screen.
  • Considering ‘painting’ the final stage in the process, each node of the render tree is defined as per the code written in the backend layer of the user interface.
  • Browser engine is responsible to start loading of a URL and considering care of processes of reloading, backing and forward browsing actions.
  • When a user is supposed to insert a URL in the address space, UI takes the address to the browser engine where it search the domain name out of the URL and confirms its existence in browser and OS caches. If the domain name is not found in both browser and OS caches, then it requests to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to extract the IP address from Domain Name System (DNS). Hereby, the website receives a request from the browser to retrieve its content.

Top Browser Rendering Engines Available In The Market

Webkit Browser Rendering Engine(Safari)

Blink Browser Rendering Engine(Google Chrome & Opera)

Gecko Browser Rendering Engine(Mozilla Firefox)

Trident Browser Rendering Engine(Internet Explorer)

EdgeHTML Browser Rendering Engine(Edge)

Presto Browser Rendering Engine (Opera Version 7–15)

Future of Browser Engines

Why Cross Browser Testing Is Pivotal For Different Browser Engines?

The list is actually very extensive and you can find it from the original source.



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