11 Ways To Manage Distributed Testing Teams Effectively

What Are The Challenges Involved in Distributed Testing Teams?

Balancing The Workloads Of Team Members

Continuous Collaboration Between Team Members

Supervising The Progress Of Your Testing Strategy

Quieter Members Tend To Hideaway

Handling Different Time Zones

Tips to Manage Distributed Testing Teams

1. Foster Constant Communication

  • Ask your team to share their phone numbers, email IDs, or Skype ID with each other to make sure that the team is always connected.
  • Encourage your team to use Skype on the phone as well, rather than relying on email, as every employee has access to their phones most of the time, even when they are not using their desktop.
  • Utilise communication tools like Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, to help establish constant communication with the team in a more accessible and cheaper way.

2. Utilising Cloud Selenium Grid For Test Automation

3. Daily and Weekly Standups

4. Inform Employees About Their Tasks As Well As Others

5. Keeping Clear and Realistic Expectations

6. Trust Your Team, But Check In From Time to Time

7. Agree on Time Boundaries

8. Offer Self-Sufficiency

9. Know Your Team Members Personally

10. Ensure That All The Teams Are Informed About The Project Details

  • Ensure that every testing team has direct access to the development team they are working with, whether it’s via Skype, Slack, Microsoft Team, or Video Calls.
  • Arrange weekly video conferences with other teams that are not linked to the development like marketing, finance, and sales teams to inform them about the project details and progress.

11. Use A Testing Platform To Manage Your Testing Efforts

  • The testing platform should be accessible to each testing team member, and employees should be comfortable working with it
  • The platform should be customizable so that all the team members can work in a similar fashion
  • The information shared on the platform should be accessible to all the distributed testing team members so that they can use it according to their needs

All In All



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